Thank you for finding such beautiful marble and for doing such an amazing job  cutting and installing t. It is my favorite part of the entire kitchen! I want you to know how much we appreciate how quickly you were able to do everything. You  guys are amazing and I have already been recommending you to other people.
Thank you again! Chanel Palmer

Pat and NCS Crew did a fabulous job. What a transformation, from old and dated to timeless. Pat has also graciously been available since the installation to maintain any little thing, keeping our kitchen looking like the day it was put in. Thanks Northwest Custom Stone. I’d recommend you and your great service to anyone everyone who wants a beautiful countertop to top off their kitchen.

This company has a passion for beauty and perfection. I was unsure of how to acheive the look I wanted and I was given multiple samples to aid me in the decision making process. I felt confident that they were searching with me to find just the right product- and we did! I couldn’t be happier with my counter tops!
Ginny Johnson